Baby It’s Cold Outside

Faux fur is still a major trend and will always be popular in Autumn and Winter, so why not invest in a statement piece? It’s affordable, chic, stylish and right for everyday wear, adding a touch of ‘glamour’ to any outfit. Stand out in a faux fur coat or go for a polished look with a faux fur scarf pinned to your favourite leather jacket.

1388550_10152567512156758_685872218_nIMG_8608IMG_8586Faux fur has been around for years and has allowed ‘real’ people (like us) to enjoy the feeling of luxury that come with wearing real fur (Don’t worry, we won’t start the ‘real Vs fake fur’ debate). Here at Pass the Salt we knew it was about time to jump on board this stylish trend so we got to work straight away searching for some iconic pieces, and sharing them with you at affordable prices. A ‘win-win’ situation.


So whether you prefer a faux fur coat, stole, or waistcoat take your pick from Pass the Salt Clothing.

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