The Story

Welcome to Pass the Salt Clothing

East London born and raised we have seen the area develop into a bustling centre of art, creativity and fashion. The city that keeps on giving, is the main source behind all things creative here at Pass the Salt. We take inspiration from everywhere, everything and everyone

Pass the Salt’s collections poses extremely stylish, relaxed and charming pieces that will never really go out of style. They express the current nostalgia for classic 70’s style mixed with the darker side of East London. It’s for the free spirited, bohemian goddess, who rules the night and conveys an earthy sexiness

Amy Grace, founder of PTS Clothing says “If there’s one era I could have experienced, it would have been the 1970’s- the decade of hedonism, it was all love and positive vibrations, people just wanted to go out and have fun and sky-high platforms were a must! My heart lies with the 1970’s and the 90’s, which I think reflects the brand. My aim was to provide fashion that works on the streets of London to the fields of Glastonbury!”

There is a secret hippie within everyone and you have been chosen to take the next step with us. Shop the collection

Love and Peace